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I am a born writer. Books and writing give me the greatest pleasure imaginable. When I confront with a life obstacle, I write. And that is the genesis of this book, The Art of Growing Older Gratefully. The awakening happened during a luncheon with old friends who were both widowed for many years. As we sit in a beautiful living room after lunch sharing lives, stories and world opinions, one friend casually mentioned her growing loneliness in life. It became one of those eye-opening experiences that hit you full blast as the other friend began to share that she too was lonely and often cried herself to sleep at night.

These were friends that I had assumed (that all telling word) were comfortable and happy in their chosen retirement and circle of influence. As we talked more, it became abundantly clear that there were many ways that I could aid in guiding them in living life to the fullest. The interaction prompted me to ask other friends about their acceptance of aging, retirement, and joy. The impromptu survey process grew into a full project of discovery and sharing.

We have all accepted that life is a journey, but have we accepted our role in keeping it on the joyful living track? I love my life and I have the selfish desire of wanting others to feel the same about their lives. I wrote the book in a way that you can read it cover to cover or just read the sections that apply to your particular life obstacles. Our days are comprised of our habits and changing our habits can be a daunting task without a road map. That is why I have included BE ATTITUDES after each chapter. They are the new ways of being that will guide you to living life to its fullest ‘on purpose.’

What is the challenge that is keeping you from your Joy? Is it fear of change; refusal to forgive; a lack of friends; self-loathing; anger at God; the absence of Wonder; or a need to be a more conscious giver? These are all covered and more in this book that is my gift to the world. Aging is a reward or favor for outwitting death. However, death comes in many forms including lacking joy in life.

I invite you to inject your life journey with a little dose of my joy contained in The Art of Growing Older Gratefully – BE Attitudes for Purposeful Living.  

I am grateful for you!

Sherry Ransom

Grateful Living Specialist

More about me….

I live in Austin, Texas with my husband Alfred in a home that overlooks a garden that I never seem to tire of changing. My favorite things are reading, writing, gardening, travel and making new friends. I teach and coach others through major life transitions. Here’s hoping we meet on this journey called life. Remember, life is a special occasion every day!

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