Sherry Ransom is an inspiring and thought provoking author and speaker who uses humor and empowering stories to challenge audiences to step into living a life that loves them back. Sherry’s message is about using the natural ‘will power’ you have to change your life.

Join hundreds of others who have moved beyond merely accepting life and instead chosen to direct their lives. Programs can be arranged for 30 minutes to 6 hours.

“Sherry Ransom is a wonderful speaker, writer and business consultant who possesses great wisdom of both the practical and high-flying sort. She is capable of inspiring, leading, and coaching with acute cultural competency and humor, keeping the best interests of this and future generations in her sight.”

Sharon Lowe – Executive Director, Foundation for the Homeless

 “Sherry is an excellent facilitator and presenter. Participants identified her as passionate, personable, knowledgeable, and awesome. She readily engages her audience and presents visual images to illustrate her points for lasting changes. We look forward to future engagements and Sherry’s energy.”

Karen Beard – Executive Director – Morning Mist Retreats