The Elephant in the Room – Let’s Talk

There is so much to consider as we age. Many of us are caring for parents or ailing spouses. In the hustle and bustle of our caring busyness, we can overlook certain tell-tale signs that are screaming for our attention.

Let’s get intentional together. After reading the article below from USA Today about Loneliness in Aging, please share some of your insights and suggestions you have found to deal with aging in place.We are here for each other if we simply reach out.

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FUN Deserves a Calendar Date

When was the last time you had fun? Pure fun just because you can. I am challenging you today to plan a FUN activity and laugh all day. Remember, live for the moments you can’t put into words.

A grateful life is comprised of grateful moments. Are you reluctant to schedule fun dates? Fun and joy are necessary elements of peak physical and mental health. There is no limit to the variety of fun that one can enjoy. It can be a walk in the park, a movie, a lunch date with friends, helping out the less fortunate or just watching old reruns of programs that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

When I need a good laugh, old reruns of The Lucy Show fits the bill every time.I can remember every plot twist and song but they still delight me right down to my bone marrow. What makes you laugh out loud? When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Today, plan a fun day for you that matches your sensibilities. I guarantee you will feel physical joy and waves of gratitude.

I would love to hear what you label as fun. Let’s share. Write your answer below.

A New Year – New Chances for Wonder

Happy 2018! I am looking forward to new adventures, new friends and a renewed sense of wonder about life. I have trips planned and plan to try something new like Yoga.

What plans do you have for the New Year? Let’s share!

Thank You! Houston Volunteers

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! to all of the officials and civilian volunteers for your selfless giving in rescuing the citizens of Greater Houston and other areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Selflessness is on full display and the needs of the aged and ailing are carefully considered in their rescue efforts. We live in a united United States and our basic connections to each other is confirmed.

Like so many others, I sat glued to my television watching and praying for those stranded in unimaginable circumstances. My heart goes out to those who must now begin again and begin anew.

I am wishing for Houston a month of sunny days and a full recovery.

Gratefully yours,

BE Attitudes for Friendship, Part I

My book ends each chapter with a list of BE Attitudes for putting the suggested actions covered in the chapter into action. Friendships as we age become even more cherished when we are challenged with the loss of old friends and a need for connection with others.

It is a delicate balance as many of us have not had to actively seek out friendships since grade school. Following are five suggestions for creating and maintaining fulfilling friendships at any age:

BE a friendly soul. SMILE. Appreciate the gift of friendship because it is indeed a gift of love.

BE fair-minded. Treat your friend as you would like to be treated.

BE a good listener. Don’t monopolize the conversation. Stop and enjoy the experiences of others.

BE supportive. Learn to instinctively reach out when your friend needs a hand or just a kind listening ear.

BE a shoulder to cry on. When your friend is in distress, it is not to the time to remind them of past indiscretions or lapses in judgement. Simply listen and show compassion.

We all have times that we have slipped in our role as a friend. It is never too late to readjust our thoughts, words and actions. Stay tuned for five more friendship BE Attitudes in the next post,

Gratefully yours,

Your Day Begins Earlier than You May Think

There are two ways that we can begin each day; one is by noticing all the things that are missing from out lives, and one is by being grateful for all that we have. I personally know tow people are are choosing those opposite spectrum and their daily lives are an exercise in contrasts.

We always have much to be thankful for in our daily lives. Our thanks should begin before our feet touch the floor in the mornings. This thought pattern sets a standard for the day’s activities to come.

Start the day with a grateful heart and notice how differently your day unfolds. This is my personal challenge to you. Let me know how it rolls out for you.


Gratefully yours,

Sherry Ransom

Learning to LOVE the Ride

An interesting but not surprising thing happens as you get older, you start to lose friends and relatives to the unknown on the other side. I was once the oldest of seven and over the last five years, I have become the oldest of four living siblings. Each parting reminds me of the sacredness of my time here on earth.

I have always been a pretty positive person and I have even more appreciation for my life now. All of my siblings who passed delayed pleasurable experiences until ‘someday’. It reminds me once again that ‘someday’ is not on any calendar. Today is the day that matters.

Learn to ride the wave called life and when it takes you back to shore, jump back on the surfboard and ride it again smiling and waving your arms wildly. Forget about ‘someday’ – what can you do today that will make today wonderful and unforgettable?

I would love to hear your plans…

Here I Come – Grumpy or Not!

grateful aging our days are happier

When many of us think of older people that we encountered when we were small, it is easy to remember a grandparent, a neighbor or a parishioner who seemed to always be in a bad mood. These people seemed perpetually unhappy and quite eager to spread that same unhappiness to anyone who crossed their path. A twinge of fear around aging probably kicked in as we began to believe that aging and grumpiness were unequivocally linked. I am happy to report that it was a mirage of aging.

As we age, it is so easy to step into playing the role of ‘grumpy old person’ – but why choose that way to live your life.’ Yes’, life can become more difficult as we age and ‘Yes’ our bodies are changing in ways that sometimes hurt and sometimes mystify our imagination. However, we are designed by our Maker to be messengers of longevity and wisdom, not messengers of doom and gloom.

I had a grumpy Grandpa and a happy Grandma and I loved them both. But I can remember as a child wishing that Grandpa was not so unhappy and wondering why he was so unhappy as he seemed to have everything including Grandma:)

Who are you deliberately morphing into – Grumpy Grandpa or Happy Grandma? Happiness pays dividends in love and companionship. I promise.

I am challenging you to respond to this post and let me and the other readers know more about your life journey.

Gratefully yours,


Are You a Work of Art?


I am a work of art. A heavenly brush has painted me in one stroke at a time over the years. I am a painting that never became boring as the Master Painter varied his strokes and added new dimensions as time moved on. My joy for living is painted into my smile. My steadfastness is painted into my graying hair. My well-worn hands show the many heads and many hearts that I have stroked. My gait shows my patience that gets longer every day. When I look into the mirror, I see this glorious painting and I smile and try to imagine what the next strokes of the Master Painter will be. Whatever they are, I will be more glorious than before.

What can you see in your Work of Art?

How Deep is Your Love?


As I am typing the words for the title, I can hear the melody of the BeeGees in my head. How deep is your love? As I age, I am developing a deeper love for all that lives. My enjoyment of nature has grown. I have the privilege of sitting on my back patio and watching a BIG sky anytime I desire. I have seen rainbows, hot air balloons, curious clouds, flocks of birds and daring streaks of lightning. I have seen rain storms in the distance and passenger planes filled with people in different levels of joy dependent on the reason for their trip. I look for red birds on my daily walk. I admire well planned gardens and hedges shaped like ice cream cons and inverted cones.

I have begun to notice people differently too. I no longer look at their choice of clothing but instead notice the pep in their step or lack thereof. I notice who seems happy and who seems forlorn in the grocery store. I speak to EVERYONE. I am enjoying my life and life is enjoying the journey with me.

What about you? Are you enjoying each day or dreading each day. Are you counting down the days? Take a deep breath wherever you are now, close your eyes and exhale with a thank you. Then look around the space or the room and give thanks for each item you notice. How does it make you feel? Joy and appreciation are always available. We just need to notice. Until next time… I am grateful for you!