BE Attitudes for Friendship, Part I

My book ends each chapter with a list of BE Attitudes for putting the suggested actions covered in the chapter into action. Friendships as we age become even more cherished when we are challenged with the loss of old friends and a need for connection with others.

It is a delicate balance as many of us have not had to actively seek out friendships since grade school. Following are five suggestions for creating and maintaining fulfilling friendships at any age:

BE a friendly soul. SMILE. Appreciate the gift of friendship because it is indeed a gift of love.

BE fair-minded. Treat your friend as you would like to be treated.

BE a good listener. Don’t monopolize the conversation. Stop and enjoy the experiences of others.

BE supportive. Learn to instinctively reach out when your friend needs a hand or just a kind listening ear.

BE a shoulder to cry on. When your friend is in distress, it is not to the time to remind them of past indiscretions or lapses in judgement. Simply listen and show compassion.

We all have times that we have slipped in our role as a friend. It is never too late to readjust our thoughts, words and actions. Stay tuned for five more friendship BE Attitudes in the next post,

Gratefully yours,

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